SILS Customs: your independent customs broker

In my previous blog you can read that SILS is planning to position two of its services more intensively: Cargo and Customs. In the same blog I mainly put the spotlight on Cargo, in this blog I would like to explain to you what your advantages are of calling in the Customs department of SILS, your partner for your strategic customs management. Firstly: SILS Customs is in possession of the AEO certificate. To obtain the status of Authorized Economic Operator, SILS meets several criteria such as our track record, sound administration and professional competence. These criteria are based on the Union Customs Code (UCC) and the corresponding implementing regulations. This means you are doing business with a recognized customs representative / partner.

100% independent & stand-alone                                                                                                                               

Many carriers, but also forwarders in ports such as shipping companies, do not always have their own customs department. After all, it concerns a complex matter. These parties are looking for not only a professional and fully certified, but above all independent customs broker. In this light, I would like to emphasize that although our Customs department falls under the umbrella of SILS, it operates 100% independently. This means that clients can engage us as a strictly independent customs broker. In fact, without using any other SILS service. Are you a transporter or producer and do you want to do your own transport and / or warehousing or outsource it elsewhere? SILS Customs will assist you professionally, fully certified, and value-free. For example, do you receive containers in the port? And do those containers have to be cleared? No problem, the SILS Customs team immediately prepares all customs documents for you. In the port itself, but also at any other location in the Netherlands you choose.

Link between Cargo and Customs                                                                                                                                    

Of course there can be a practical link between our two services Cargo and Customs as well as with Logistics. For example, do we export Cargo for you outside the European Union? Then by definition you need customs documents for both import and export. In this logistical situation, it is an additional outcome that SILS not only offers you Cargo, but also all support in the field of Customs, again: 100% independent and operating independently within SILS.

Complete document flow unburdening       

Our certified declarants take care of all occurring customs documents for import and export. Such as T1, T2, T2L, CvO, EUR1 and ATR documents, but also for goods that are temporarily going abroad, such as exhibition material. Or consider applying for customs permits at embassies, the Central Import and Export Service, Chamber of Commerce and other authorities. SILS can also prepare and submit veterinary documents (GDB) to the NVWA for the import of foodstuffs, animals, and products of animal origin. Finally, we can also process organic certificates, including via traces. In short, we take care of the entire document flow so that you can do international business without hindrance.

SILS Customs support: limitless management advice                                                                                               

Not only do we carry out all customs activities for you. We are also expertly at your side with management advice. Are you an internationally operating company? Then you will irrevocably have to deal with complex matters such as import duties, excise duties, agricultural levies, and VAT. These facets can have a major impact on your company. Are you starting to import and / or export goods? Then that requires adjustments to your current business processes. With our knowledge and experience we are happy to help and support you in a good approach to these adjustments. Are you facing a dispute or problem? We will help you on your way again quickly.

SILS Customs Scan: quick insight

Are you curious about what the strategic customs management of SILS Customs can mean for you as a transporter or as another party in the logistics chain? We are happy to do the so-called SILS Customs Scan together with you. This provides you with a quick and no-obligation insight into how SILS Customs can completely unburden you from a 100% independent position in customs-technical matters. You can also submit a trial assignment to us at any time, for example for a specific logistics destination or activity.

SILS Customs is Brexit-proof

Finally, the transition period for Brexit will end on December 31, 2020. SILS Customs is already fully prepared for this new situation in relation to all your customs obligations. Do you do business with the UK and are you unsure whether you can also fulfil your customs obligations in the post-Brexit situation? For example, do you not yet have a skilled party that will be able to make customs declarations for you for both import and export? We are happy to advise you.


Jens Stevens