SILS provides for national and international transport

SILS Cargo directs the overall supply chain. Through our extensive network within all common modalities SILS Cargo operates for its customers as a single point of contact '

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Flexibility in storage and handling of your goods

SILS Logistics is the business unit that deals with everything that is going on within the walls of our warehouse. SILS Logistics offers for each customer, of any size, efficient storage options.

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SILS is an expert in the field of customs planning

Import duties, excise duties, agricultural levies and VAT are key factors for an international company. Our customs specialists will be happy to advise you.

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We distinguish ourselves by:

  • "Innovation"

    Innovation not for its own sake, but always supportive to our objectives. Our Warehouse Management System for example has been developed entirely by ourselves. Therefore we are 100% able to implement all developments for the benefit of our customers.

  • "Our commitment"

    We treat our customers on a personal way. Of course we use standard procedures, but each client has its own logistical procedures. Every year we ask our customers for their opinion through a professional online customer feedback system. Based on the outcome our services are continuously being developed and improved.

    Our commitment
  • "Our professional approach"

    Act local, look global! SILS is a local logistic service provider from the Netherlands (Apeldoorn). With a global scope! We do not only say that we are customer focused and committed, but we also have modified our organization and leadership styles based on this.

    Our professional approach
  • "Integrated Logistic Services"

    With our three core competences Cargo, Logistics & Customs, we are offering a complete package of solutions. For the entire supply chain of our customers. Everything under one roof.

    Integrated Logistic Services
  • "Customer focus by value"

    Customer focus by offering our customers high value, even surpassing their expectations, that is what we want to achieve. We can not succeed without insisting on quality. Customer satisfaction is key at SILS.

    Customer focus by value
  • "More than transport and storage"

    SILS is a logistics service provider that offers complete “Supply Chain Management” solutions.

    More than transport and storage
  • "Our flexibility through customer-specific solutions"

    SILS is a synonym for fully taking care of our customers by offering a wide range of custom specific logistc services. With the aim of optimizing the logistic processes of our customers. From inventory management to the final invoicing, SILS makes sure that every cusomer would love to come back.

    Our flexibility through customer-specific solutions