The SILS Customs Scan: better safe than sorry

Are you dealing with customs regarding your logistics activities? Are you handling your custom affairs in-house or have you outsourced these to a logistics service provider? In that case please consider the SILS Customs Scan to be carried out by us. This audit, we are sure, establishes whether you handle all your customs affairs in a tax and legal correct manner. Should our scan indeed ascertain gaps or incompleteness, we also advise you through internal process improvement how to prevent these from reoccurring.

On location at your company, we will review all your procedures related to import and export. We will check your licenses related to customs and of course the kind of goods you import or export. At the same time we analyze the way you apply the VAT rules and conduct a proper administration, in relation to your export. Within the scope of this scan, we will also review all accompanying documents if you import from outside the EU into the Netherlands. Of course, your forwarder’s identification and control are also covered by the SILS Customs Scan and the correct application of the Incoterms. These are the delivery terms that match the seller and buyer. If necessary, we can zoom in on risky goods that may fall under the dual use regulation. These are goods, software and technology that are commonly used for civilian purposes, but may have military applications, or may contribute to the production or distribution of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Process description plus risk analysis

The data collected during the scan leads to a process description of your current methods. It also includes a critical look at the collected data. Next, we review the contents of your specific statements to determine if you are at risk due to filing incorrect returns. Finally we look at the customs values, goods codes and the completeness and accuracy of certificates of origin. The risk analysis we prepare for you provides a strategic advice in order to optimize your processes and procedures in relation to your customs activities. It provides practical and quick implementation solutions. The opinions that we present to you are clear and comprehensive. You do not need an additional consultant to decipher our reports for you.

Your investment pays off

The SILS Customs Scan is not entirely for free. You will receive a quotation in advance based on the time we think we need. On average, it concerns one day on site and then half a day to process the data and drafting the advice. However, the relatively low investment required by the SILS Customs Scan is always lesser than the costs you can avoid due to process and procedural errors we help you to fix. You will receive targeted advice for this purpose. You are, of course, responsible for the actual implementation. SILS analyses and advices. However, in a partnership with you we are able to implement for you the advice we give.

Multiple purposes

The risks that we point out to you on the basis of the SILS Customs Scan are not by definition of a financial/fiscal nature. Our advice can also help you to set up your customs activities more efficiently. The scan may also provide for the determination of the operating situation in relation to the conditions imposed on an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). Depending on the findings during the audit, it may be advisable to train your employees. We also take care of this. Training takes about 3-4 hours and can also take place in theĀ evening. These trainings are company-specific, with examples from the audit being used for illustrative purposes.