WMS SILS: self-developed and based on a 100% customer focus

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the heart of any logistics operation. Obviously SILS has a WMS. However, unique is that we not bought it ready-made. Instead we had it developed on our own initiative and in direct collaboration with first class programmers. And above all: completely controlled by SILS itself. SILS obviously is the first to benefit from this comprehensive, independent and dedicated approach, but our customers do as well.

The in house development of our WMS means that it is not based on some abstract vision of yet another software company. By developing and continuously optimizing our WMS by ourselves, it is 100% built and designed based on many years of our own logistical experience and also desires. For example, the work screens are intuitively designed based on the practical wishes of the users at SILS. Technical requirements did not limit the usability as desired by the users.

Invest in our own innovation

Developing our own WMS meant a huge investment. But from the very first moment on the result has enormously increased the value of our WMS. We could do whatever we wanted. We automated everything that felt logical to automate. For example, we added a SILS specific transportation management system (TMS) to the management of our transport. And this applies to all our customs activities that we have introduced into our own system.

Tangible examples of advantages

Already from day one our WMS has been much more enriched and tailored to our specific work than any standard WMS available on the market. Please let me give you some examples. For every separate file, in this case an order from a customer, the invoice is generated automatically and the customer can retrieve it at the same level. This means: on an underlying file level. All related documents are available digitally. This makes hardcopy files no longer necessary. Also we can see all the details on file level. No pre-set WMS provides these benefits.

Ongoing development of customer-specific requirements

Furthermore, we have continued to develop our own WMS based on many specific customer requirements. To be more precisely: customer specific questions that are also useful to other customers. In those situations, we developed customer-specific functionalities for our WMS, at our own expense.

Easy to understand, easy to use and reliable

At this moment our WMS operates for ten years now, but is developed continuously. In short, the unique combination of ten years of experience and an extreme readiness when it comes to implementing innovations. Also customers are giving us quite some positive feedback. They experience our WMS as easy to understand, easy to use and reliable. It also offers them what they need, nothing more and nothing less. A professional third party has also judged our WMS as a highly reliable system.


Willem-Jan Cramer