SILS: optimal single piece picking

Storage in bin locations

Single items that are stored by us are generally stored in specific locations. These locations are even smaller than the locations on shelves. But even more importantly, by using locations for piece picking, we can store individual units and also pick them individually.

Efficient storage in bin locations

By using storage in bin locations we ensure that it is also possible to store small, loose items in the most efficient way possible, at the lowest possible cost. We can organize the bin locations at customer level. We use a number of fixed dimensions. The storage in these locations is therefore optimized for each customer as much as possible.

Every location for piece picking is of course a unique location in our Warehouse Management System, with also a unique number. In this way we can guarantee our quality and reliability, also for your stock that is stored in bin locations.

Warehouse Management Systeem

The stock in bin locations is further treated completely the same way as the stock at pallet locations. This means that the stock in bin locations is fully administered in our Warehouse Management System and that all reports and statistics can be consulted online 24/7.

The bin locations are by definition pick locations: the stock is used for order picking. Every day the bin locations are replenished, if necessary, from any bulk locations. This means that an order picker never stumbles on empty locations and order picking always takes place in the most efficient way!

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