GDB Declaration

A GDB declaration is used for the import declaration of food & veterinary products, such as live animals and animal products. Veterinary products are for example: dairy, eggs, poultry meat, honey, manure and fertilizer pellets, fish and fish products, but also a protein drink that contains dairy products. Your customs broker must submit GDB declarations (Common Veterinary Entry Document) to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). This declaration is processed by the NVWA in the VGC system (Veterinary Border Control).

Export license for strategic goods or dual-use-goods

Exporters do need an export license to export military goods or dual use goods.  Many of you have an idea of military goods, but what exactly are dual-use goods?

Dual-use goods are goods, software and technology that are usually used for civilian purposes, but that may have military applications or may contribute to the production or proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Dual-use goods can pose a threat to public health, animal health or the environment. Due to international security, strict rules apply to the export and transit of these dual-goods. These rules are based on the European Dual-use Regulation.

Applications for an export license must be submitted digitally at the Central Service for Import and Export of the Customs Authorities. SILS can assist you with the application for an export license.



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