SILS: the extra impuls for your e-commerce activities

Online is booming. The online market is increasing year after year.
As an e-commerce entrepreneur you understand very well that a perfect and fully automated logistic solution is crucial. Our many years of experience with fulfilment activities perfectly matrch your requirements. We are your rock-solid and smart partner in this specific e-commerce process.


Webshop Logistics

As a result of the growth of online shopping by consumers, but also within the B2B market, we have adjusted our services. More and more we are taking care of the fulfilment of webshops: e-fulfilment. Both in the field of orderpicking and the administrative activities we have evolved to a true specialist for the storage and handling of webshops!


Your promise is our job

A solid logistic solution for your webshop directly contributes to the commercial attractiveness for your online customers. Ordered today, shipped the same day obviously is a standard these days. We support you in realizing this, day after day. Whichever course you take, or which B2B and/or B2C strategy you use, we take care of the logistical process for you.


Webshops fully unburdened

We store your goods that you sell online, take care of the orderpicking and packing of the orders and the final distribution (e-fulfilment). Within the Netherlands, the rest of Europe or worldwide! Besides we take care of the returns efficiently and if you want us to, we can even manage (part of) your customer service. For example, we answer the phone on your behalve or manage your mailbox. Ideal to answer simple (first line) questions of your customers, especially as these questions often are related to logistics. In short: we can fully unburden you and your webshop.


The advantages of fulfilment at SILS:

  • You enjoy fully automated processes for receiving orders and communication
  • You will receive lightning fast response to your orders
  • We guarantee a maximal customer satisfaction, both for yourself as well as for your online customers
  • We offer attractive rates and maximal flexibility
Onze diensten

Efficient logistic solutions for your webshop?

Are you curious about the possibilities of fulfilment at SILS? We would be pleased to make a proposal.