Your partner for strategic customs management

The consultants of SILS are happy to advise you regarding the customs planning and management approach. Our customs experts provide you with customs advice in all areas and are able to advise you in any disputes or problems in the field of customs affairs. Are you currently running your own customs affairs? We would be happy to perform the so called SILS Customs Scan together with you. Many satisfied customers are now using our customs arrangements, and the SILS customs warehouse.

Our advantages in brief:

  • We take care of the total flow of customs documents
  • SILS is AEO-certified
  • We act as your advisor in the event of any disputes or problems
  • Get acquainted with the SILS Customs Scan

SILS Customs support:
limited management advice

Import duties, agricultural levies and VAT are key factors for an internationally operating company. These factors can have a significant financial impact on your company. If you’re just starting with the import and / or export of goods, it takes adjustments to your current company processes. With our knowledge and experience, we’d love to help you properly realize these adjustments.

We take care of the total flow of customs documents

Our qualified declarants take care of all common customs documents for import and export, such as T1, T2, T2L, EUR1 and ATR documents, including for goods that are temporarily shipped abroad, such as tradeshow materials and materials for exhibitions. Moreover, requesting customs permits at embassies, the Central Office for import and export, Chamber of Commerce and other authorities, are no obstacle whatsoever for our specialists. In short, we take care of the entire flow of documents that is associated with international business.

We are AEO-certified

In short: SILS Customs is the ultimate partner for your strategic customs management.
It’s not for nothing that SILS was the first of 19 companies in the Netherlands to receive the AEO certificate!

Curious about our customs planning?

We answer all your questions professionally. We also are glad to make an attractive and personal quotation for you or to execute the SILS Customs Scan.