SILS has a Skal certificate

Skal Biocontrole is the independent organization that monitors the organic chain in the Netherlands. “Organic” is a legally protected term.

An agricultural product or nutrient may only be called “organic” if the production process complies with legal requirements. Every company that stores organic raw materials, semi-finished goods, or end products must be certified for this purpose as well. The European government set the rules that must be met. Skal Biocontrole supervices the observance of these rules in the Netherlands.

This means that rules are attached to the import and storage of biological products (both raw materials, semi-finished products and end products). SILS is certified by Skal Biocontrole to be able to store organic products in our warehouses, but also as first consignee. This means that organic products or nutrients from outside the European Union can be delivered and stores at SILS directly after entering the European Union.

SILS is connected to TRACES (Trade Controle and Expert System) to handle the organic certificates at import and for first consignee. TRACES is a certification tool that is used for import checks of organic products and nutrients.

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More about storage of organic goods?

We would be pleased to advise you about the rules attached to the import and storage of biological products.