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Quality & Environment


Customer satisfaction by offering added value to our customers, that’s what we want. We cannot achieve this without placing a great emphasis on quality. Not only for ourselves, but also for our suppliers and partners. The concept of quality does not only concern the operational quality of our processes, but also issues such as safety, reliability, sustainability and availability. Quality in all aspects is an important management topic for us and therefore forms an integrated part of our business operations. The challenge we face every day is to deliver the highest possible performance with the lowest possible operating costs.


SILS believes it is important to pay as much attention as possible to the environment. We don’t just say this, we act accordingly. For example to choose for the Ecofactorij in Apeldoorn as our main location. High demands are not only made here on the way of building, but here we also take care of our own heat recovery, for example.

Our environmental policy includes the following two focus points:

  • Formulating a challenging SILS environmental policy and integrate this policy within our business operations
  • Using environmentally friendly equipment and consumables
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