Road Transportation

Container transportation

SILS Cargo transports sea freight containers towards and from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp on a daily basis, but also to the barge terminal in Duisburg. Of course, also all other European ports can be reached. We are executing this service with fixed strategic partners with whom we have a long term cooperation.

Full service container transportation

Our own customs declarants can produce the necessary customs documents for you. Because of our AEO certification (similar to C-TPAT in the US), we can also directly clear your containers in the port and immediately transport these to the desired destination.

In addition to trucking, we also take care of the Portbase reportation and the exemption of containers from the shipping company. This way we can remove the containers immediately, which contributes to our full service.

In short, SILS manages the entire supply chain, from sea freight to the delivery at the final destination.



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