Safe, efficient, eco-friendly and financially attractive

Rail Cargo

Rail transport is gaining ground over the last few years. Both inside and outside Europe, for example between Europe and China.

Understandable, because the benefits are many. Airfreight is faster, but more expensive. Sea freight is cheaper but often the lead time is too long. SILS is your specialist in rail transport. We know the most efficient routes and transfer points. We also take care of the transport of your goods to the start station, as well as the transport from the end station to your actual final destination. With this, train transport fits seamlessly into your total logistics solution.

Rail transport: always worth your consideration

Our team of experienced employees daily searches for the best transport solutions for all flows of goods, in accordance with the needs and requirements of our clients. Can rail transport play a constructive role? In that case SILS will certainly present this option to you.

Transport exactly according to ‘the timetable’

SILS Cargo can transport large quantities of cargo over long distances for you by rail, both within and outside Europe. We schedule this punctually for you and guarantee that your train route will run exactly according to ‘the timetable’. Rail transport is safe, efficient and also financially attractive.

In line with your sustainability policy

Logistics is an excellent area to concretely shape your sustainability policy. Rail transport in particular really stands out besides the other modalities. It reduces freight traffic and also traffic jams on already busy roads. Rail transport also is an environmentally friendly mode of transport because it significantly reduces CO2 emissions.


Onze diensten

Curious about the possibilties of rail transport with SILS?

We answer all your questions professionally. We would also be glad to make a custom-made proposal.