About SILS

Our history

Our history

Streng. A (family) name that enjoyed early fame and grew into a household name in the region. Already at the end of the nineteenth century, they started with the transport of tourists across the “Veluwe” (which now is a National Park). That activity formed the basis of a large transport company, specialized in international transport. The associated customs activities were also carried out in-house.

Our roots

At the end of the 1980s, a number of additional logistics services were performed from these transport activities at the request of some customers. An example of this is the storage of goods and the management of air and sea freight. In 2002 the transport company was sold. The logistics activities also changed hands during this period. This laid the foundation for our current company: SILS. The new company started its activities in the mid-eighties, stimulated by the changed client needs. Our clients wanted to focus more and more on their own ‘core activities’. We have responded to this need by creating modern, spacious facilities and developing our own warehouse management system. Customs activities were also added, creating a professional logistics service provider that can offer full integrated logistics services. In particular to emphasize this integral aspect of our service provision, the name was changed to “Steng Integrated Logistic Services (SILS).


The name Streng was – especially in the Apeldoorn region – still mainly associated with transport, i.e. with trucks. Our services now consisted of so much more, so we created a clear strategy on our three core activities: SILS Logistics, SILS Cargo & SILS Customs. The next logical step was to change our name in SILS.

At the beginning of 2008 we moved to the sustainable business park Ecofactorij in Apeldoorn. With an ultramodern warehouse with a storage capacity of more than 10,000 pallet places, we met all the requirements that you can ask of a modern warehouse environment. Moreover, the Ecofactorij is THE place to be to work sustainably on the execution of our strategy. A significant expansion followed in 2019 with the development of a high-bay warehouse of another 9,500 m2. This resulted in an extra storage capacity of 15,000 pallet places. With this expansion we have created a total storage capacity of 25,000 pallet places in Apeldoorn.

In spring 2021 we opened a second warehouse in Amsterdam. Again in order to be able to continue to flexibly fulfill the growth of our current and potential customers. This second warehouse currently gives us an extra capacity of eventually another 10,000 pallet places, bringing our total storage capacity to around 35,000 pallets.

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