Customs Documents

Customs documents

Customs documents must be in order. It is not only important that the customs documents required for international trade are present with a shipment, but these documents must of course also be completely correct. There are several customs documents that may be necessary. You can think of the following types of documents:

Which customs documents you need exactly for your shipments depends on various factors. In all cases we can arrange the necessary customs documents for you.

SILS Customs arranges the correct customs documents

When customs documents are required for the shipment of your goods, SILS Customs can arrange the necessary customs documents for you. For example, we can arrange a T1 for the hassle-free transit of goods within the European Union without having to clear them first. In addition to the export document, we can arrange a T2 for goods that go from the EU to, for example, Switzerland or Norway in free circulation. In many cases a CoC is required, also known as a Certificate of Origin. This must be presented to the Chamber of Commerce. SILS Customs can prepare this certificate for you and submit the applications for legalizations and certificates of origin digitally to the Chamber of Commerce. Do you need a EUR.1 or is it necessary to arrange an IM-A or EX-A? We are happy to solve all these questions and take away your worries.

We take care of all kinds of customs documents

More and more companies are trading internationally, from large companies to smaller online stores. Do you use our storage and are customs documents required for your shipment? Then we can completely unburden you. All customs documents can be taken care of by us, so that there are no problems or delays in the (transport) process. Do you want to know more about customs documents, or do you need more information or advice about having the customs documents taken care of by SILS Customs? Please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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More about customs documents?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.