Value Added Logistics

SILS Logistics strongly focuses on the ‘value added logistics, often referred to as VAL activities. In a large part of the goods stored with us, complex operations take place to different extents. This can concern standard order picking activities, but also composing (inter)national orders, relabeling of client specific orders, sorting, prizing goods and quality checks all the way to the assembly of products.

Customer specific VAL activities

Complex operations take place to a greater or lesser extent on a large part of the goods stored in one of our warehouses. VAL activities are always customer specific. We put together your service package, in cooperation with you. Our employees execute the VAL activities in-house. This offers you the best guarantee for the best quality.

Value Added Logistics activities can for example be:

  • orderpicking activities
  • processing of return logistics
  • putting together of (inter)national orders
  • relabelling
  • sorting
  • pricing
  • quality checks
  • assemblying
  • modification
  • packing
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