SILS Logistics: flexibility in storage and crossdocking of your goods

SILS Logistics

SILS Logistics is the business unit that handles everything that happens within the walls of our warehouse. First, SILS Logistic, obviously, offers very extensive and flexible possibilities for the storage and crossdocking of your goods. Whether you are a starting entrepreneur looking for a small storage space or planning to externally store a large inventory, SILS Logistics offers efficient storage possibilities for any customer of any size.


In addition to these, more or less standard solutions in the field of warehousing, SILS Logistics also offers very innovative solutions in the field of Value Added Logistics (VAL). The fact that customers nowadays are increasingly outsourcing services enables SILS to adequately respond to the increasingly complex logistic issues.

Online Warehouse Management System

But our service always goes one step further. Our Warehouse Management System was designed and developed by ourselves, as logistics professionals. Our own experiences have been assimilated into an online ‘state of the art’ fully automated system that guarantees overview and quality. With 24/7 access for you as our client, this provides transparency in our way of working and processes. This means that current orders and stock levelss are always available and reports can be easily downloaded at any time.

Innovative in Value Added Logistics

Moreover, we have concretely converted ‘providing added value’ into our additional service: Value Added Logistics (VAL). An innovative way of supervising complex logistic tasks with genuine care and attention. With our VAL activities we take over all occuring services for your goods, so that your focus remains on entrepreneurship. Think of, for example, re-labelling, quality checks, packaging activities and assemblying activities.

E-Logistics: digitally a strong case

Automation is the future. With E-logistics we offer a fully automated way of processing your (webshop) orders. Also referred to as E-fulfilment: we are specialized in both storage as well as handling of all  your online orders and returns. With our experience we understand better than anyone the need for fast, adequate service in combination with high customer satisfaction.

In this field one of our main strengths is that we can handle both your B2B and B2C orders within the same online warehouse management system. Extra handy for you as an entrepreneur, because we notice that these two worlds sometimes overlap. In short: do you want to focus on optimal customer communication and is an omnichannel strategy the course you want to take? Then we are your logistics partner!

You want to know more about all SILS Logistics?

Are you curious about the possibilities for storage and crossdocking of your goods by SILS? Or do you want to know more about our value added logistics? SILS Logistics is happy to make a tailor-made proposal for you. Please contact us!

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