Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CoO) is a document that indicates the origin of a product. A CoO proves in which country a product is made. Some countries outside the EU require a CoO for trade policy measures, such as boycotts, import restrictions and import quotas.

Certificate of Origin and import duties

Possessing a CoO means you also have to pay fewer or even no import duties in some countries. In that case the MFN import tariff (the most favoured nation rate) applies. Without CoO you can face difficulties if you want to import products in a certain country. Basically you do not need a CoO within the EU.

Create a CoO

SILS Customs can draw up a Certificate of Origin for you. We send the applications for origin certificates and legalizations fully digitally and automatically to the Chamber of Commerce. For every customer, regardless of size, we offer the most efficient solution. An advantage of this outsourcing is that you have the knowledge of certified customs declarants who can provide you with full advice and answers to all your customs issues. Since 1998, SILS Customs has been AEO certified (Authorized Economic Operator), which means that we are a reliable trading partner for customs.

“Our customers’ experiences show that outsourcing customs matters is cost-effective.”

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