Eur1 Certificate

A EUR1 certificate is only used for goods of preferential origin. To get a discount or exemption on import duties on import from a contract country, ask your supplier to add a EUR1 certificate to the shipment. If you are going to export to a contract country, you apply for a EUR1 certificate.

The Chamber of Commerce checks whether the goods to be exported by you are of preferential origin. If so, then the Chamber of Commerce will provide the customs copy of a finding and the Dutch Customs must then legalize the original certificate. Legalization can only be done by Customs if you have also made an export declaration (yourself or via SILS Customs).

SILS Customs can prepare a EUR1 for you. We send the applications for EUR1 and legalizations fully digitally and automatically to the Chamber of Commerce.

For every customer, regardless of size, we offer the most efficient solution. From experience of our customers it appears that outsourcing customs matters is cost-effective.

Another advantage of outsourcing is that you have the knowledge of certified customs declarants who can provide you with complete advice and answers to all your customs issues. Since 1998, SILS Customs has been AEO certified (Authorized Economic Operator), which means that we are a reliable trading partner for customs.

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