AEO Certification

SILS is one of the first companies in the Netherlands to receive the AEO certificate from Customs. With this AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator), Customs indicates that SILS is seen as a reliable partner. With this status, SILS receives a simplified passage at the external borders of the European Union. SILS offers three core activities: Cargo, Logistics & Customs. With this we act as a chain director. By obtaining the AEO certificate, we are better able to manage the logistics chain as efficiently as possible. The AEO certificate is recognized throughout the European Union. A company granted the AEO status by Customs can benefit from simplifications in customs procedures or in the facilitation of customs controls in the field of safety. Thanks to the AEO status, SILS can further optimize its services to customers.

Some advantages associated with an AEO certificate are:

  • Less physical checks by Customs.
  • Pre-announcement of any checks, if the goods are still underway.
  • Priority with these checks.

The European Commission is also working with a number of countries on mutual recognition of safety certifications. This allows you to qualify for facilities for export to third countries that the EU has concluded mutual recognition agreements with.

The EU has currently concluded agreements with:

  • Japan
  • United States.
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