IM-A Document

IM-A document

An IM-A document is an import document. IM therefore stands for ‘import’. When goods from outside the EU arrive at a location within the EU, then there is importation if these goods are intended to remain within the EU. In this case it is necessary to prepare an import documentation. This is the IM-A document.

Paying the customs duties

When goods are imported from a country outside the EU to a location within the EU to stay there, not only an IM-A document is needed. It is also important that the customs duties are paid immediately.

Customs duties are also called import duties and are costs that are not levied on goods from free circulation in the European Union. Customs duties are taxes intended to protect, as these goods compete in price with goods in free circulation in the EU.

When the import duties have been paid, the goods coming from outside the EU are regarded as ‘goods in free circulation’ or ‘free goods’. There are a number of regulations and exemptions that can ensure that import duties, or customs duties, do not have to be paid.

What is needed to prepare an IM-A document?

In order to prepare an IM-A document, a number of important pieces of information are required. In the first place, a commercial invoice is required, and this must be supplemented with a packing list or packing slip. Then a bill of lading or air waybill is required, depending on the type of cargo.

You need proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, which cannot be older than 12 months, and a FENEX Direct Representation (authorisation) is required. The FENEX conditions must be signed and dated. Finally, a copy of proof of identity of the person acting as board is required, which is stated on the Chamber of Commerce registration. Naturally, SILS Customs is happy to help you arrange the necessary IM-A documents.

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