That is why we like to give them 100% attention and guidance

Our employees make the difference

13 July 2022

SILS can offer and promote as many services as we like: our employees make these a reality for our customers. Their commitment, craftsmanship and initiative-taking attitude make the difference. Of course, we live in a time of digitization, and we make good use of it. But logistics services are not a cold algorithm, operating anonymously from a computer centre. It still requires a human eye, a quick decision in a collegial team and also: an attentive phone call to a customer to reassure them after a possible hick-up in the supply chain.

Still a good position in the labour market                                                                                                                       

SILS cherishes the strength of our employees to make a difference by placing increasingly emphasis on employer branding. This means not only communicating to the labour market that we are an attractive employer, but also actually fulfilling that promise with concrete policy. We also operate in an overstrained labour market. And our focus is understandably on recruiting new employees. The good news is that we are still succeeding in keeping our workforce of employees up to standard in terms of quality and quantity. And thus, continue to guarantee the quality of our offered services.

100% attention to our current employees                                                                                                                       

In addition to recruiting new employees, we do not forget to pay full and especially continuous attention to our current employees. Their work satisfaction is essential. That is why we are now launching a new version of our Employee Satisfaction Survey. And with the results from that, we really get to work. Such as in working groups that tackle themes that the employees put forward in this research.

Emphasis on even better communication                                                                                                                      

There is a task for the management of SILS to communicate even better internally that we are actually tackling the issues that our employees indicate in this survey. After all, an essential facet of a good employer branding policy is still not only doing this, but also communicating about it. Speaking of communication: SILS internally uses a number of tried and tested instruments to keep our employees well informed about all developments, such as via newsletters and on the screen in our company canteen.

Knowledge secured from departing colleagues                                                                                                    

Naturally, our employees are not bound to us for their entire working life. Some leave SILS in search of new challenges. Sometimes even after giving their efforts completely to SILS for a long time. SILS perceives this type of movement as very normal and healthy. Of course, we guarantee that the logistics expertise accumulated over the years by these valued colleagues is not lost and that it is retained in our organization. The continuity of our services is and will therefore remain at the highest level.

We like to turn our employees into collaborative thinkers…                                                                                            

In addition to inviting all our employees to participate in our Employee Satisfaction Survey, we also invite them on a personal basis to think along with SILS. We regularly organize breakfast meetings for those who want to join us. We do this in a hotel in the SILS area, also intended for all employees to completely disconnect from their working environment. Two MT members are present per breakfast session. This is the perfect time to talk to each other in a hospitable and casual atmosphere. Hierarchy does not play a role, mutual inspiration does. What’s going on at SILS? What bottlenecks do employees experience? How can we take a step forward together? So far, very nice suggestions have emerged from these breakfast sessions. They are so valuable that we maintain the frequency of these sessions and, for example, do not step on the brakes in the always quieter summer period. Together we go full throttle to develop new ideas and identify areas for improvement at the breakfast table with our employees.

Summer vacation is approaching                                                                                                                                          

High time for everyone to completely relax. At home or on a trip. We wish all our employees a wonderful summer period and would like to thank them for their tireless efforts.

Of course, SILS does not exist without its valued customers! We also wish you a carefree summer period. And do you have an idea for SILS to further improve our services? Please let us know, we will start with it fully re-energized after the summer holidays!


Willem-Jan Cramer