Work at SILS? More options than ever!

15 February 2022

The core activities of SILS are Cargo, Logistics and Customs. So much for us revolves around storage, transport, and a large flow of legally required documents. But all that stock, cargo and documents do not move physically or digitally without our dedicated employees. They form the valuable hearts & minds of our services. That is why SILS invests more than ever in the quality and motivation of our employees. From forklift driver to board member. From order picker to customer service employee.

Strong commitment to the “SILS SKILLS”

We like to challenge our employees to make maximum use of all their capacities and talents within SILS. Our motto? Get the best out of others by getting the best out of yourself and sharing it. Every employee gets plenty of opportunity to develop his or her SILS SKILLS to the fullest, supported by our brand-new competency manual. In January, all employees will receive a workshop on how to make maximum use of this competency manual for their own development. Actions with which we want to contribute to our attractiveness as an employer, development opportunities that we expect employees to seize with both hands. In this role, the MT is therefore more facilitating than guiding and thus puts the employee at the centre of his or her own development. We also select new employees based on this initiative-taking attitude. SILS would like to have them on board, but they also have to want something! After all, the best results always come from both sides. We are also constantly on the lookout for new, talented colleagues. Can we indeed welcome them? Then we roll out an inviting, informative, and welcoming ‘on boarding’ program for them.

Succesful interns

SILS works structurally with interns. We maintain intensive contacts with several universities of applied sciences, among others, and their interns are also very welcome. We do not let young students swim as so often happens. SILS likes to give them concrete and practice-oriented internship assignments. Many internship assignments are in the field of logistics engineering. Both the students and SILS will learn from this! Take Mila Visser. She came to us as an intern, conducted crucial research and found it so challenging at SILS that we offered her a job. In a separate interview on our site, you can read all about her background, motivation, and dreams in the logistics world. A nice insight into what young people are looking for in the labour market these days and how SILS connects to it.

New remuneration structure

The labour market in the Netherlands is tighter than ever. SILS is growing in work and is constantly looking for new employees. Internally, we do everything we can to be an attractive employer for a multitude of target groups. Considering this, we recently introduced a new compensation structure. This gives both our existing and new employees security and perspective for the coming years.

Collective recruitment of new employees

We are inventive in our recruitment. For example, we approach our target group via social media. A unique initiative is the collaboration based on a so-called HR collective that the companies in our business park the Ecofactorij in Apeldoorn have entered, including of course SILS. The innovative approach? Do not position and promote jobs from the separate companies, but the entire business park as one challenging and attractive ’employer’. This HR concept is still in its infancy, but the preparations are promising. By positioning the Ecofactorij business park as one HR company based on unambiguous branding, we reach many more potential employees for all companies. School leavers who do not yet know what they want can, for example, rotate at several companies to taste which company is really something for them. Or think of better access to the site, free mobility in the business park, a joint food truck and even a possible footbridge to an adjacent nature reserve for stimulating walks during the break. All companies together also have much more punch to promote vacancies on a large scale. The latter is especially an important advantage in times of a tight labour market. Or think of joint purchasing of HR services such as training. SILS is now an active participant in getting this innovative HR concept off the ground. The good news is that the municipality of Apeldoorn supports and helps guide this HR initiative.

Working on a new job site

Finally, I would like to inform you that in addition to our official SILS site, we are also working on a brand new ‘working at SILS’ site. With photos, videos, and personal stories from employees, we hope to make it as attractive as possible for people to apply for a job at SILS.

Work at SILS? We offer more options than ever!


Petra Hofs