SILS moves into new Amsterdam warehouse

17 August 2021

The expansion of SILS’s Logistic Center in Apeldoorn was completed in June 2019. This concerned a high-rise warehouse, dispatch, and office space totalling almost 9,500 m2. This results in an extra storage capacity of more than 15,000 pallet places. This enables us to store a total of about 25,000 pallets in our warehouse in Apeldoorn.

Meanwhile a lot has changed in the (logistical) world around us. With corona and Brexit as extensive game changers, just to name a few. Despite corona and all the challenges that came along with that, we have grown quite a bit with SILS, on all three core activities Cargo, Logistics & Customs. Fortunately, this growth came from most of our existing customers, but also from several beautiful new customers. This has led us to seriously consider our current and future needs for storage capacity since the beginning of this year. One thing is certain: expanding again in Apeldoorn is no longer possible. If we want to expand our capacity, we will therefore have to move to a second location. A serious “next step”!

Need for storage capacity

We notice a continuing demand for storage space, and a more limited supply (for various reasons). One thing was certain at the beginning of this year: if we want to be able to continue to facilitate the growth of our current customers, we will have to look for extra warehouse capacity in good time!

SILS Amsterdam is a fact!

After an extensive search, we have now started using a second warehouse in Amsterdam for the short and medium term. This ultimately gives us an extra capacity of another 10,000 pallet places, bringing our total storage capacity to around 35,000 pallets. We now serve one of our larger clients from this second location. We can mainly use the remaining extra capacity for new national and international customers.

We are more than ready for further growth

Our team of enthusiastic professionals is ready! So, if you are looking for a professional service provider, or perhaps purely for (temporary) storage, we are happy to be of service!


Willem-Jan Cramer