It’s all about creativity and flexibility

2 April 2021

Corona has been with us for a year now. The market is now forcing our clients to act for the medium term. Waiting is no longer an option; the business must continue at some point. As a result, we observe an increasing demand for warehousing solutions the way SILS offers these.

Brexit = new business

Brexit also contributes to extra activities; many English parties become entangled in the new and often unclear or even missing import/export rules. They are forced to focus on Europe to set up an (extra) logistics hub on the European continent. The Netherlands naturally comes in mind immediately because of, among other things, the excellent logistics infrastructure, and the favourable business climate. We receive many warehouse and customs-related questions regarding these matters from England. For this reason, SILS starts with a sales agent in the UK. This specialist bundles all these kinds of logistics and customs-related questions from British companies with the aim of solving these new challenges in collaboration with SILS. Proof that new and often unforeseen market conditions can also offer new opportunities.

Building a new warehouse

These kinds of positive developments once again underline our intention to build a new warehouse. We simply need more space to facilitate our growth. Even more because we also notice that several of our existing customers are not affected by COVID-19 and they are growing steadily, or even significantly. We also welcome new customers. We are currently developing reasonably concrete plans for this new warehouse in the Rotterdam region. A separate hub from our location in Apeldoorn, with its own added value as expected.

Adjustment is key      

Naturally; you noticed in the media the logistical blockage in the Suez Canal. Suddenly, the logistics sector was in the spotlight worldwide. The outlined possible consequences of this acute blockage in the supply chain were widely discussed. What stood out in this urgent situation is not only the vulnerability, but also the enormous flexibility and creativity that our sector displays. In no time, ships sailed around Africa, despite the extra costs, loss of time and dangers of piracy. We can be proud that the Dutch company Boskalis has again released the largest tanker in the world. As a logistics industry, and this also applies to SILS, it is a survival factor of importance to be able to adapt quickly when circumstances change acutely. It’s all about creativity, and flexibility. From Brexit to Suez, from new warehouse to recruiting new employees who are equipped for all new challenges.

More possible with employees  

About the latter: to be able to do all the work at SILS, now and in the future, any logistics expert is welcome. But the labour market is tight, so SILS is developing new and creative ways to not only attract the right employees, but also guide and train them to the appropriate high level. At the same time, we are going to explore much more the untapped talents of our current employees and invite them to develop them within SILS. Backed by good, structured training plans. Who knows, maybe we will soon have a “Young Potential Program” at SILS.

In short, everything in logistics, and therefore also at SILS, revolves around creativity and flexibility. I challenge everyone, from customers to (new) employees to critically assess us on this.


Willem-Jan Cramer