SILS supports employees in their vitality

26 February 2021

Vital employees are high on the agenda at SILS. Because vital employees are more motivated, healthier and, through their sustainable employability, contribute positively to the objectives of SILS. And also important: vital employees are better able to strike a balance between private time and work. Especially important now that many employees of SILS work from home on a regular basis due to corona. Ultimately, our vital employees also make a substantial contribution to the customer satisfaction of SILS clients.

By implementing a well-balanced Vitality Plan SILS takes seriously the vitality of its employees and gives it structural attention. A concrete part of this is the Vitality check for employees. This recently took place on location at SILS, carried out by Oude Vrielink Health Management. In addition to completing a questionnaire, various measurements were carried out such as BMI, glucose and cholesterol and a bicycle test was scheduled

Discussing the results                                                                                                                                              

Subsequently, the vitality office discussed the individual results with the employees and the employees were given tailored health advice in this conversation, if necessary. For example, regarding a better personal/work balance. No compelling advice, but more intended as non-binding awareness of how an employee of SILS can easily develop an even healthier lifestyle, if necessary.

High participation position                                                                                                                                 

No less than 83% of all employees took part in the Vitality Check, a positive, high participation that proves that our employees also consider their own vitality as important. The management of SILS receives a general collection report from these vitality checks, of course 100% anonymous. Intended to ascertain broadly whether certain elements in the work for our employees can be improved with a view to more vitality. During the Vitality Check, a vitality needs assessment was also carried out among the participating employees. With the key question: what can SILS facilitate to further support their vitality and sustainable employability? On this basis, SILS is currently deciding which plans and actions will be further rolled out. Examples include workshops on healthy nutrition and exercise or quitting smoking.

Sustainable attention to vitality                                                                                                                                          

In short, SILS pays sustainable attention to the vitality and sustainable employability of our employees. The plan is therefore to have the Vitality Check return regularly. In this way we hope to contribute to satisfied employees who give the best to SILS for a longer period and who have enough energy left for all their activities in their spare time.


Petra Hofs