COVID-19: also a game changer in 2021COVID-19: also a game changer in 2021

3 February 2021

2020 lies behind us. A year dominated by COVID-19. In 2021, this virus will continue to strongly influence and even determine our lives for the time being, in my opinion. Both privately and professionally. What is striking is the enormous volatility of the current situation with new variants emerging. Sometimes the effect on our customers is profound, while other SILS customers are growing despite all the limiting circumstances. If one thing is clear, the volatility of conditions will be a regular factor this year as well.

We sail together in a dense fog and the view from the steering bridge hardly extends beyond the front of the ship. An example? In the first two months of this year, we will start working for two new customers from Australia and the US. Already from the start we must react extremely quickly with them on several aspects. For example, rates for sea freight from China are currently sky high and at the same time we only have a truly short time to confirm a booking. Due to the large time difference an extra big challenge.

Extra commitment to communication                                                                       

Fortunately, we have put our internal and external communication in order in 2020, so that we now benefit from clear and short lines. We switch quickly with each customer, propose alternatives when COVID-19 puts a problem in logistics and operate extra flexible.

Acting on current and correct communication

Speaking of communication: I see a parallel between how the government communicates about COVID-19 and how a company like SILS communicates about its situation. Incomplete or outdated information from the government about COVID-19 quickly leads to confusion among the public. Just look at the continually changing vaccination schedule with a prioritization for all target groups. This creates unrest. In that sense, SILS absolutely does not want to communicate prematurely. We will only inform you when information is clear and confirmed, such as all additional logistical challenges caused by COVID-19. In short, you can always act on the information that SILS provides you in corona times. With this we hope to let your view from the wheelhouse in dense fog extend a little further than the front of the ship!

Support for our employees                                                                                             

All the logistical uncertainty created by COVID-19 puts an extra burden on our employees. We closely monitor their resilience under these extreme conditions. This is an essential facet of our HRM policy in which we expect a lot from our employees, but at the same time try to support them on all fronts. We look at colleagues and teams and support them wherever possible. Fortunately, we see an enormous drive and resilience among all employees of SILS to make 2021 a good logistics year as well, with due observance of all corona measures. Good news is also that SILS is actively looking for a second location, located somewhere in the Randstad. A healthy sign of our ambitions, even in difficult times. In that sense we also try to create our own game changers!

Cargo and our customs services                                                                          

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to two of our activities that we will be putting extra prominently forward in 2021: Cargo & Customs. Give yourself the time to discover or perhaps even rediscover these two services on our website. You can use these separately and ad hoc, but also structurally and linked to all other logistics services that you purchase from SILS.

I would like to wish you a safe and healthy 2021.

Willem-Jan Cramer