Kooyman is the absolute market leader in the Do It Yourself (DIY) market in the Caribbean with seven branches on Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten and Barbados.

Customer issue

We need a reliable and high-quality European forwarder for all goods that we import from Europe into the Netherlands Antilles. This strategic partner must be able to receive and consolidate all goods at the island and store level and then ship them within pre-agreed lead times. The entire chain must be completely transparent and transparent online, from the moment of ordering up to and including the final delivery in the store.

Kooyman has nine branches on Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire and
St. Maarten is the market leader in the Do It Yourself (DIY) market in the Caribbean. Kooyman offers everything in the field of building materials.

The SILS solution

Integrated logistics services. Flexibility. innovativeness. SILS is for Kooyman “Supply Chain Owner” for all goods imported from Europe. Orders placed by Kooyman are automatically imported into the SILS system. During the deliveries, the shipments are checked by SILS and consolidated at store level. Of course within the agreed lead times.

From our role as forwarder we book the sea freight directly with the various shipping companies. The choice of shipping company depends, among other things, on the type of container and the necessary lead time and, of course, the price level that goes with it.

After arrival on the relevant island, our carefully selected agents take care of the receipt of the container, the local customs clearance and the timely distribution to the final destination. As a Supply Chain Owner, SILS is ultimately responsible for performance
from these local agents.

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