T1 Document

T1 document

The T1 document is a mandatory document for the transport or transit of certain goods within the European Union. A T1 document is applicable for goods that are produced outside the European Union, which are physically located within the European Union, and which have not yet been cleared or re-exported.

The preparation of a T1 document is mandatory for the transport of these not (yet) cleared goods within the European Union.

What exactly is a T1 document?

The T1 document is also known as the T1 waybill or the T1 dispatch note. The T1 waybill is a customs document that is used in cross-border movement of goods for the transport of customs goods from one customs office to another. In principle, the T1 document is used to transport goods that do not originate from the EU within the territory of the EU. The T1 transit procedure is opened by customs at the point of departure.

To create the T1 document shipment details, such as the sender and consignee name, the number of packages, the total weight of the package and the number of stamps are required. With this information, the goods can be seamlessly traced from the sender to the receiver during the T1 transit procedure. It also ensures proper customs clearance of goods.

Arranging a T1 document

Goods that come from outside the EU and have not yet been cleared within the European Union may not just be transported across territory within Europe. For this transport it is mandatory to have a T1 document.

SILS Customs is happy to arrange this document for you. Your goods can then be transported or even transited within the European Union without any problems. If you want to store your goods first, you can use our bonded warehouse. We have a customs warehouse permit.

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