China Update (Coronavirus)

As a result of the rapid spread of the coronavirus in China, the Chinese government has made some additional decisions:

  • the city lock down is extended to all cities in the Hubei province
  • the Chinese New Year is extended again from Januari 31th to February 2nd. This means that the first day of work now will be February 3rd.
  • All local school holidays will be extended further
  • All international schools have extended the Chinese New Year break to February 17th

What does the current situation mean?

All our main carriers have taken measures to protect their employees’ health and safety. This means that some already have decided to put in place a travel ban in and out China/Hong Kong with immediate effect. Besides, there will be a ban on intra Chinese travels until further notice in many cases. Especially in the Wuhan region offices will be closed at least until mid February. You can imagine that this will very likely effect local operations.

Expected delays for freight from China

As the city lock down is extended to all cities in the Hubei province, this means that all incoming and outgoing freight will be blocked. This will have at least an immediate effect on (almost) all of our airfreight shipments to and from China. We are currently investigating what consequences this also will have on our sea freight. It is quite sure that we will be confronted with delays on both airfreight and sea freight shipments.


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