Outcome SILS customer satisfaction survey overall good again

SILS completed its most recent customer satisfaction survey. Eighteen months after the previous survey in 2014. This time, almost 48% of our customers did give their feedback after receiving the digital request to join from our research partner Expoints. Also our growing number of clients from outside Europe responded: for the first time we conducted this survey in two languages. The response score of 48% says something about the involvement of our customers and is high enough for a representative measurement. And also this year our customers used the opportunity to provide open feedback on various items. In a nutshell we share the main results with you. We will also summarize the improvements that we have distilled and the actions that we will implement.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) at the same high level

One of the key points in every customer satisfaction survey is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is a simple way to measure the extent to which your customers are willing to act as your ambassador. Various studies have shown that organizations with a high NPS have loyal clients. It is more likely that loyal clients place repeating orders ánd that these loyal clients are well willing to recommend your company. The NPS of SILS has remained at the same index of 39 this year, in a range from -100 to +100. This means that there are 39% more promoters than detractors. We also see that the percentage of detractors has declined, a very positive development. A NPS score above 0 is generally considered as good. All in all this is a very positive score for SILS.

Promising further rise in the NPS that already is high

However, SILS likes to set the bar high. An increase of the already high NPS is possible, given the historically high score of 44 in 2011. The outcome of the open questions in relation to the NPS resulted in some concrete and positive suggestions of our customers. Such as a further integration with customer applications and acting even more pro-actively as our customer’s partner.




Overall Rating: 8.1

Besides the listed NPS, the overall valuation is also an important indicator for SILS. This score remained unchanged compared with the previous survey of 2014. To be precise: 8.1. A terrific score in the category ‘excellent’. A notable climber, as part of this figure, is the completeness of our service offering, experienced by our customers. This aspect has increased in the perception of customer satisfaction from 7.2 to 8.2. Our customers therewith appreciate our innovative ability to develop new services based on new demands from the market. Yet SILS does not see any reason to relax in this overall figure of 8.1. The immediate aim is to increase the proportion of the percentage of customers that give us a score “sufficient” (23%) to a rating of “good” or “excellent”. Just to do that little bit more will further increase the overall valuation.



Under the heading of logistics the respondents indicate that both the completeness and clarity of our WMS, as well as the reporting capabilities have greatly improved. However, the perceived degree of flexibility slightly decreased. SILS will pay much attention to this, and will implement some improvements.


The survey about Cargo showed an increased appreciation for our advice around the most optimal form of transport: from 6.4 to 7.2. However, on the aspects “information regarding the delivery” and “information during transport” SILS sees opportunities for improvement based on this research.


Our customs service was better appreciated, both on our expertise in consultancy as our completeness of the provided information. However, the succession of questions and tasks and the timeliness of providing information were assessed slightly lower on certain aspects. In this area, further improvement is possible.

SILS in some keywords

This version of our customer satisfaction survey resulted in some important keywords. Our clients judge SILS as competent, clear, reliable, effective and transparent in our communication. Also, we are classified as solid and modern at the same time. A specialist who combines expertise with a professional look.

Thanks for participating in this survey

I would like to sincerely thank all our customers for the time they have taken for completing this feedback. It gives us a good insight into our current performance, as well as a number of concrete improvements. We will do whatever it takes, with our entire team!