SILS member of European Network of Excise Advisory Services (ENEAS)

The legislation and rules concerning excise products can differ enormously for eachEU member state. The new European Network of Excise Advisory Services (ENEAS) is a cross-border knowledge platform for excise legislation. SILS, co-founder of this excise network, represents the Netherlands.

Who sells or transports excise goods within the EU will have to deal with complex legislation on excise duties, partly because it concerns national legislation. The legislation on excise duties can be different within each member state. Thereby, there are for example different rules in each member state for excise goods on which excise duties have been already paid and for excise goods on which excise duties have not yet been paid. ENEAS will offer a helping hand in this matter as a knowledge platform, by providing both consultancy and logistic services.

Combination of consultancy on excise and related logistics

The initiator of ENEAS is the Spanish logistics provider Arola, amongst others specialized in Spanish excise legislation. A party with whom SILS has done business with for many years now. ENEAS is still in the startup phase, but intends to grow into a knowledge platform for excise legislation in all EU countries. It is also an objective of ENEAS to provide all logistic services through its members, around transportation of excise goods within the EU. In short, the special combination of bundled expertise in the field of excise duties within the EU ánd the associated logistics services.

Evolve into covering network

The goal of ENEAS is to grow into a network that can offer this combination of legal advice and logistic services in every European country. Current members are:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • The Netherlands

Discussions with potential partners in other EU countries are ongoing.

SILS represents the Netherlands

SILS is the Dutch partner within ENEAS and can handle all the logistics for excise goods and can also advice customers around legislation on excise duties. We have obtained various excise licenses and we also can provide and handle the (EAD) documents that needs to accompany the physical shipment of excise goods. This combination of licenses, expertise and matching logistics services already makes SILS a full member within ENEAS. Obviously ENEAS also advises in related fields, such as consultancy on customs legislation within the EU.

Concrete activities

ENEAS is currently working on a website that will also serve as a knowledge portal for the participating partners. ENEAS will also organize European seminars. This fall, the subject will be the laws and regulations for e-commerce shipments of excise goods and the opportunities that parties acting in this growing field have, using ENEAS for its expertise.