Also Calvin Klein chooses to work with SILS

SILS has been working for Tommy Hilfiger for several years now. For the “Windows” department we provide the receipt, consolidation and worldwide distribution for all materials for the windows. How more project logistics can it get? Starting in the summer of 2017, SILS now also supplies the store window materials for the stores of Calvin Klein globally. Both brands are part of the PVH group. With this expansion, they express their confidence in the projective approach of SILS.

Each season, Calvin Klein’s stores receive the materials for a new shop window theme. Varying from small items to complete renovations of the flagship stores’ shop windows such as in London and Paris. SILS performs this complex logistics operation based on continuous project management like SILS is already applying successfully to Tommy Hilfiger.

Dedicated project team

The four fashion seasons follow each other at a high and fast pace and each season goes with a hard launch date. A dedicated SILS project team is responsible for the proper management and execution of each project. In addition, other projects also take place in the meantime. SILS receives the goods from different suppliers, including container deliveries. In Apeldoorn, SILS consolidates the contents and then distributes it to all stores worldwide. On time, complete and in compliance with all required customs rules. The formulation of customs documents is also part of this, as well as the preparation of the invoice, a detailed packing list or a certificate of origin. Of course, we send PVH a daily report of status updates about all associated logistics processes.