Our history

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-01 om 12.25.06The name Streng has been well known for quite some time. At the end of the 19th century (!) people started transporting tourists on the Veluwe. This led to a large transport company, partly specialized in international transports to, for example, Switzerland. The customs activities that were required for this were also performed in-house.

At the end of the eighties, these transport activities led to the performance a number of complementing logistic services, by request of several clients. Think about the storage of goods and taking care of air- and sea cargo.

In the year 2002  the transport company was sold. The logistic activities also ended up in other hands in this period of time. This formed the foundation for the current company: SILS. The new company started at the beginning at the nineties, her activities were encouraged by the changes in the needs of principals. Our clients wanted to focus more and more on their own ‘core activities’ such as manufacturing and / or sale. We responded to this need by creating modern, spacious facilities, developing our own warehouse management system, and having this managed by our professional, motivated and client-oriented employees. The customs activities were added as well, which led to a professional logistic service provider, able to provide her principals with integral logistic services. Particularly to emphasize this integral aspect of our service, the name was changed into Streng Integrated Logistic Services.

At the start of 2008, we relocated to the Ecofactory in Apeldoorn. Here, we have an ultramodern warehouse with a storage capacity of over 10.000 pallet spaces, which meets all requirements that can be demanded from a modern warehouse environment. In addition, we are able at the Ecofactory to work in line with our strategy: performing our activities in a way that is as eco-friendly as possible!

The name Streng is still associated with transport, so with trucks. Particularly in the Apeldoorn region. Since nowadays we do a lot more than just solving transport problems, we have divided our service into three core activities: SILS Logistics, SILS Cargo & SILS Customs. The next logical step was using our current name: SILS.