Quality & Environment


Customer satisfaction by offering added value to our clients, that is what we want. We can’t achieve this without emphasizing quality. Not just for us, but also for our suppliers and partners. The word quality doesn’t only mean the operational quality of our processes, but also things like safety, reliability, durability and availability. Quality in all mentioned aspects is an important management subject to us and it is an integrated part of our business. The challenge that we’re facing on a daily basis is to deliver the best possible performance, against the lowest possible operating costs.

SILS believes it is important to pay as much attention to the environment as possible. We’re not just saying this, it is also reflected in the way we are doing business. Main example is our Logistic Center in Apeldoorn. There’s a reason why we have selected the Ecofactory for our warehousing location. At the Ecofactory there aren’t just heavy requirements for they way of constructing (for instance the restrictions of the surface of a plot that may be built on), but we have also chosen to use a “WKO installation” for our heating, which results in not using any gas!

Our environmental policies included the following two principles:

  1. Establishing a SILS Environmental policy and integrate it into our business
  2. Using environmentally friendly equipment