Pallet storage

SILS: your pallet storage expert

With its professional pallet storage, SILS offers a ready-to-use and immediately deployable solution for organizations that want to outsource their stock or logistics. Whatever your type of goods is: SILS offers space, stability and overview. Regardless of your requirements for both small and large quantities. SILS quantitatively does not impose a lower limit or upper limit, so any kind of pallet storage is welcome.

Competitive capacity, modern warehousing

In the Logistic Center of SILS at the Ecofactory in Apeldoorn, SILS guarantees the storage capacity of approximately 11,000 (euro) pallets. Distributed over a state-of-the-art configuration. The Logistic Center naturally meets all the requirements you set for a modern warehouse environment. The warehouse is divided into 6 separate compartments, which enables us to offer highly flexible and customer-specific solutions.

Minimum costs, maximum logistic manoeuvrability

Our Warehouse Management System calculates the most efficient location to store your pallet on the basis of historical data. For example based on the turnover rate of the article in question. Your profit? Your pallet at SILS is safe and immediately accessible for any logistical operation. Practical and efficient so that your costs are minimal and manageable. Your goods are always immediately available.

Benefits of pallet storage from SILS:

  • Very large storage capacity.
  • Every kind of pallet storage is welcome.
  • Flexible and customer-specific solutions.
  • Minimum costs, maximum logistic manoeuvrability.

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