Shelf storage

SILS: your shelf storage expert

SILS also likes to serve customers who do not keep sufficient copies of all their stock-holding items to fill a pallet location. Storage on shelves is an efficient and cost-effective alternative for this situation. You benefit from customization at the lowest possible costs.

Customization for shelves

We adapt your locations on the SILS shelves fully to your situation. We guarantee this customization on the basis of the specific dimensions of your articles.

Your storage on the SILS shelves is optimized for customization.

Maximum efficiency in order picking

The locations on SILS shelves are by definition picking locations. The stock on these shelves is therefore used for order picking. Our Warehouse Management System automatically generates orders every night to supplement the picking locations. This means that an order picker will never encounter an empty shelf location. Our order picking is always efficient and therefore cost-effective.

Quality and reliability guaranteed

Every location on the SILS shelves is, like a pallet location, a unique location with its own location number. In this ways SILS guarantees both quality and reliability.

Online insight

SILS handles the stock on the shelves in the same way as all other storage locations. This means that we also fully manage the stock on the shelves in our Warehouse Management System. All reports and historical data are available online for you. Adjustments are to be made fast and accurate.

Advantages of storage on shelves from SILS:

  • Flexible and customer-specific solutions.
  • Minimum costs, maximum logistic manoeuvrability.
  • Never any misunderstanding when picking orders.
  • 24/7 online insight.

Curious about SILS Logistics?

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