Storage (warehousing)

SILS: efficient warehousing is customized

Our current Logistic Centre has been used since January 2008. This very modern location at the Ecofactory in Apeldoorn has a capacity of 10.000 m2 and about 11.000 pallet spots. With this, SILS Logistics offers you extensive and very flexible possibilities for the storage and transfer of your goods. SILS provides flexible solutions, not only for larger clients, but also for smaller clients that are looking for limited storage.

In addition to these regular storage possibilities in which products are kept in stock temporarily and are distributed by request (order picking), we take care of the entire procurement process of products for several clients as well as their iron stock. This makes SILS a logistics service supplier that provides complete “Supply Chain Management” solutions. Your products / goods are in trusted hands with SILS Logistics. Every principal can count on extensive, customer-specific service. The automated management system, combined with our flexible setup, enables us to respond rapidly and adequately to market developments.

Curious about SILS Warehousing?

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