Transshipment (Cross Docking)

SILS: additional impulse for service and speed

Transshipment, also called cross docking, is a frequently used logistic solution. The essence is that we convert your incoming goods directly into outgoing goods. This gives a huge extra boost to the service and speed offered by SILS.

Direct placement in the transfer room

When speed is required, and the situation allows this, SILS places all your incoming goods directly in the transfer area, without stocking these goods first. Our warehouse staff sorts and consolidates the incoming goods in the transfer area. After these operations, SILS will immediately prepare your orders for the outbound part for further distribution.

Advantages of transfer/cross docking from SILS:

  • Direct conversion of incoming goods into outgoing goods.
  • Flexible and customer-specific solutions.
  • Minimum costs, maximum logistic manoeuvrability.

Curious about SILS cross docking?

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