Ettore Products Company

Ettore Products Company, based in the United States, produces quality window cleaning products, and distributes them worldwide . Ettore Europe , based in the Netherlands, is responsible for sales and distribution in Europe.

Is SILS able to take over the responsibilities of my current logistics provider, acting as my European Distribution Centre (EDC)? To me, this position means that SILS would have to take care of a reliable order processing and problem-free distribution to our customers throughout Europe.

7Integrated logistics services. Customer focus. Flexibility. From the optimum storage SILS takes care of the incoming sea freight, including customs. Orders are entered into our Warehouse Management System and sent within the agreed turnaround time to distributors and wholesalers in Europe. For the distribution of orders, consisting of several pallets, we are using our selected partners. But we even go further: we are operating the full Customer Service for Ettore!