Cargo & Customs: specializations of SILS

The enormous growth of our warehousing activities has demanded a lot of attention in recent years. The expansion of our warehouse in 2019 is a good example of this. Now that this has been fully completed, and with the arrival of Rob Damen as director of Warehouse Operations, we will have more capacity to give prominent attention to two other important core activities of SILS: Cargo & Customs. We have of course been offering these two services at a high-quality level for many years, but from now on we will bring them to the attention of our target groups with extra depth. In this blog I focus on Cargo, the next blog highlights Customs.

100% control over a well-selected network

Cargo is certainly not new to SILS. For years we have been mediating national and international transport of goods via every conceivable modality and combinations thereof. Road, Air and Sea as well as Rail. To this end, we work closely worldwide with carefully selected carriers within our network, both within the EU and beyond. SILS Cargo specializes in the following destinations, among others: Europe, Netherlands Antilles, North and South America, Dubai, India, Thailand, Japan, and China. These logistics partners understand the typical DNA of SILS, have mastered this and realize this unique distinction 24/7 from their cargo services. We cherish and continue this cooperation with our reliable current forwarding partners, while at the same time we are always looking for new carriers who join this network based on our high standards. In short, we may outsource the transport of your cargo, but we maintain and monitor the control of our logistics partners for your total goods flow. Our team of Cargo specialists searches daily for the best transport solutions for all goods flows, also in the case of return logistics.

Stand alone or in conjunction with our other logistics services                                                                          

Important to know is this: you can use our Cargo services in two ways. Stand alone or in conjunction with our other logistics services. With Cargo you do not necessarily have to use our warehousing, for example. By way of illustration: we carry out transports that do not physically affect our warehouse. Such as road transport, but also international transport based on air and sea freight or combined. In short, ultimate freedom in your cooperation with SILS. Do you consciously choose to embed Cargo in our other logistics services? Then you benefit from far-reaching optimization of your entire logistics chain. Nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed, the choice is yours. An extra argument for choosing Cargo at SILS? Due to our extensive network within all common modalities, we act for our customers as their “single point of contact”. This means maximum efficiency for all your logistics communication.

Quality and price always in proportion

SILS is known for its guaranteed quality and service at the highest level. This also applies to Cargo. In the first place, your quality requirements are always core when we carry out your Cargo activities. Second, we carry out this specialism in the most cost-efficient way. In other words: we combine quality with a keen eye for the price the market is willing to pay for Transport. This means that, depending on the specific demand of a customer, we can always balance the requested price with the corresponding service level required by customers.

24/7 and real-time insight into the status of your shipment

SILS endorses its renewed focus on Cargo by setting up a so-called TMS system. This creates digital bookings based on the ‘TransFollow’ functionality, so that both our carriers and clients can view and follow the status of shipments 24/7 and in real time.

A tip: place a Cargo trial order!                                                                                                

An additional argument for testing our Cargo quality is the possibility at SILS to have us take care of a trial shipment for you. This will keep your current Cargo organization running and at the same time discover in your “logistics testing ground” how the SILS Cargo team is realizing all its promises you read in this blog.

Jens Stevens