SILS prepares for the future. Together with you.

SILS continuously assesses its logistics services to a number of criteria and target groups, including of course our customers. A number of recent studies after the perceived customer satisfaction resulted in high scores. Results that we were able to hold on a constant high level over a longer period of time. But we are also in close contact with for example, branche organisations, other logistic companies, suppliers, prospects, or even to parties completely outside of our own industry.

This broad scope is essential to keep our services relevant and actual, not only today, but also in the futre. In other words, SILS is continuously preparing itself for the future. Logistical innovations such as new innovative services based on identified needs are introduced by SILS. A recent example of this successful expansion of services is providing European (field)sales services for customers outside the EU. We are currently providing these services for two American companies: Ettore and Sugarboo Designs.

Logistics innovation has our attention

From the above observations we conclude that companies were in particular focussing on cost reductions and even self-preservation during the recent economic crisis. Logistics innovation and reconsidering its current supply chain was thus often put on hold. Based on the actual increasing number of Requests for Quotation we are noticing that the economic parameters are substantially improving at this moment. Companies apparently are open again for logistics innovation and reconsideration of their current logistics activities.

Focus on strategic partnerships

Logistic innovation can only be successful if companies such as SILS are constantly monitoring the direction that strategic partners in the industry are planning to sail. Indeed, SILS is openly and constructively collaborating with a number of these strategic partners. You can for example think of partners to define our strategy, conducting customer feedback and ICT partners. For example, through the exchange of expertise and know-how. Note that these strategic partnerships are nowadays not necessarily based on a mutual settlement of costs and revenues, as might previously been frequently the case. Resulting in unfinished or unsuccesful implemented projects and initiatives.

The ultimate selection criterion: creative, innovative capacity

SILS handles things differently. The size, impact or the ability of our strategic partners is irrelevant for the decision to start professional partnerships. We focus on innovation, creative thinking and the willingness to perform to transform logistics innovations in the sector in new and attractive services. With the aim to continue to fully relieve our current and future customers. In this contemporary way SILS likes to prepare for its future, in an open cooperation with strategic partners. And if you recognize yourself in this, we would be glad to do this together with you!