Internal projects? SILS customers are the first to benefit

A number of important internal projects are currently running at SILS at the same time. From new construction to Employer Branding. Recently I have been able to share the content of these projects with you in blogs. This particular blog offers you a brief overview of our "logistics landscape" of projects. The common thread in this? Although these projects have an internal focus, it are ultimately our customers (and employees) who fully benefit.

New construction warehouse

The most striking project is of course the construction and recent delivery of our new warehouse. Together with the employees, this new warehouse was festively opened with a toast. Entirely in SILS style, we immediately set to work hard after this milestone to furnish all our new space to our clients as efficiently as possible. Such as the construction of storage racks followed by the in housing. We are now even ahead of schedule and budget. A nice compliment for our employees. Their commitment, especially in the proper preparation, is now bearing fruit. Apparently we are also good at organizing our own logistics! This has everything to do with the way in which we also like to work for our clients: based on attention, focus and preparation. 29 June there will be a formal opening with employees and their families. Followed in September by the official opening for clients and other relations. The profit of the new warehouse for you? Even more efficiency, service and logistical convenience, because from now on we can again deliver all our expertise from under one roof. Controlled by a centralized and compact team of specialists. In short, an internal project, but ultimately 100% to the benefit of our customers.

Critically examining existing processes

The new building was an inspiring trigger to critically examine all our processes within the warehouse, in fact also a project. For example, we have renewed our pack zone, such as physically with new pack tables and scanners, but also when it comes to routing that is now as efficient as possible. We have also analyzed all our clients, large and small, triggered by our new warehouse. What is the throughput speed of their items? And what is their ideal stock location in our current or new warehouse? We invest heavier than ever in our Warehouse Management System (WMS) to make our processes even more efficient. Again an internal project that customers already benefit from.

Employer Branding

No matter how well we have our logistics facilities in order; it is ultimately the expertise and commitment of our employees that makes the difference for customers. That is why SILS is increasingly focusing on a targeted policy in the area of ​​Employer Branding. In other words: what image do we want to radiate as an employer and how do we find & bind the right employees? At SILS we also link our care and attention to our existing employees. This policy was successfully drawn up last year by our HRM manager Petra Hofs and is now widely supported. Now we are giving concrete substance to this policy through all kinds of projects. In short, from plan to practice. For example, we also give substance to stimulating the vitality of our employees, first in their own interest. Also new under the umbrella of Employer Branding is the employee satisfaction survey "new style" that we will soon be conducting with an external party. Again a concrete signal that the opinion of our employees counts and that we are happy to translate their suggestions for improvement into new policies. We have been taking stock of their views on developments within SILS for some time through well-attended brainstorming evenings and quarterly meetings. We have also initiated numerous initiatives to optimize communication between employees and management. Ultimately, we want to further increase the involvement of our employees. Involvement with SILS and with our customers.

This stability in our organisation is also of great importance for our clients, who are served as much as possible by a fixed and loyal team of employees. Especially essential for our customers with special or sometimes slightly different logistics requirements. Precisely because of the strived continuity in our team, we also know how to serve these types of customers well.

Dedicated teams = dedicated attention

Another relevant project within SILS is the growing deployment of dedicated teams of logistics specialists for customers. Such as currently for a large, new client: Van Caem Klerks Group, an international trading company that works a lot with traders and widely varying products. A client who places high demands on automation and communication. Due to the high degree of variation of incoming goods, this is especially at the crucial moment of the entry check. From our new setting we can meet all these requirements, both physically and digitally. Including a 100% dedicated SILS account team "Cargo & Projects" for this challenging, new customer. This team is currently working closely with the implementation team of Van Caem Klerks Group. Another internal step with external benefits.

Busy with projects? Performance up to standard!

In short, we have all kinds of internally focused projects, but in fact these projects are in the interest of our customers, from new construction to satisfied and motivated employees and optimized processes. Finally, based on facts, we find that in this busy period our performance towards our clients is well maintained with all kinds of projects going on.

You are welcome to test these findings yourself against our practice!


Willem-Jan Cramer