Customer feedback: source of inspiration

Every 1 to 1.5 years SILS measures the satisfaction of our customers. This feedback is a crucial source for improvements regarding our services. Because that is what SILS is all about: the desire to continuously improve together with our customers. SILS is a transparent organization, so we are happy to share with you the most important results from this research.

Stable Net Promoter Score

An important measurement factor in this survey was the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is an important KPI for customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The higher this score, the more satisfied and loyal our customers are. The central question is how likely it is that customers would recommend the company or brand to others. Between 2012 and 2018, our Net Promoter Score has remained virtually stable, a constant factor that we cherish. The general report figure that our customers give us has remained stable at one tenth in that period, at 8.1.

More attention for middle group of customers

We do, however, see a slight shift from a group of customers who previously judged us as good and now tend to shift a bit to the qualification sufficient. SILS sees this as a real challenge. Despite the nice stable total score of 8.1, we are going to do everything we can to improve the group that now judges us as sufficient to good, By the way, in the recent measurement no customer judged us as bad. On the other side, the group that rated us as ‘excellent’ also remained stable. In short, in the ‘midfield’ we are going to shift accents.

Valuation for improvement measures

In the first quarter of this year, SILS temporarily had a challenge at hand with maintaining the high quality performance that customers expect from us. It is good to see from the feedback that our customers generally continue to express their appreciation for the quality we offer. The effort we have put in this has apparently borne fruit. The lesson we have learned from this first quarter is that we are now prepared for unexpectedly increasing work volumes. For this, we have now taken the right measures internally. We find these alert actions back in the appreciation for the current performance of SILS.

Closing in on customer level

Also with this survey our customers had every opportunity to make recommendations. It goes without saying we act on these. Customers who need this, will be consulted by SILS in order to discuss their suggestions and turn their ideas into reality. One of the aspects that emerged clearly in the open feedback from our customers is the need for more possibilities in our WMS. More specifically: in the field of export functions and therefore reporting options. This was already part of planned developments and will certainly be realized! It is stimulating to see that this is in line with the wishes expressed by our customers. Especially within our WMS we focus on the dashboard functions and the possibility for our customers to make their own analyzes based on their customer data in our database. Another aspect that was clearly reflected in customer feedback was the turnaround time of settling a claim. We will also adjust our claims procedure for this reason.


In short, there is lots of work to be done, thanks to your feedback!

Willem-Jan Cramer