Employer branding at SILS is increasingly taking shape

Earlier this year we published a blog about the current policy of SILS in the area of ​​’employer branding’. Which core values ​​distinguish us specifically as an employer? And how do we attract and bind our existing employees? And just as important: how do we interest talent to work at SILS? The first concrete steps in our policy to achieve ’employer branding’ have now been made. This blog will inform you about our next steps when it comes to our attractiveness as an employer.

The labour market has changed radically, now that the economic crisis is over. Potential new employees must find SILS and no longer the other way around. So it is crucial that we present SILS as an employer brand. In order to achieve this we apply a two-track policy. First, we give a lot of attention to our current employees. Do they experience the corporate culture in the way the management likes to see, or are there differences in this? We strive for an unambiguous and recognizable corporate culture based on positive and distinctive core values. Not only do we remain interesting and challenging as an employer, but we can also stimulate talents to opt for SILS. Both internal talents who already work within SILS and externally on the labour market.

External: research into recruitment

An HBO graduate from the study program HRM is currently studying how and through which recruitment channels we can find those external talents in order to be able to bind them to us. Such as through the use of social media. Or maybe even vlogging or a special app for recruitment. External recruitment only succeeds if we consistently communicate our corporate image as a challenging employer in the way it really is and is experienced.

Internal: an enthusiastic working group has started

Also within SILS a working group has started with enthusiastic colleagues in the role of ‘SILS ambassador’. Virtually all departments within SILS are represented in this group. A first meeting led to a concrete action in the form of a practical questionnaire. The key questions? What makes SILS an attractive employer? And what should we change? How do employees experience the company culture and what are reasons for working and staying here, or perhaps even leaving SILS? With this we want to find the common thread in possible bottlenecks, set priorities and further strengthen our employer branding as an attractive employer. This working group with ‘SILS ambassadors’ will meet every month.

More investment in permanent employees

Recently, we mainly recruited new employees for our warehouse. Our new employer branding may have played a small role here. Finally, but very important, is that we want to make as little use as possible of employees in the form of temporary workers. We prefer to offer them permanent contracts, if they believe in SILS, and of course if we believe in them! This is a tangible sign that we would like to invest long-term in good and permanent employees. One of the core values ​​of the employer branding of SILS!


Petra Hofs