Corona also fuels the improvement virus

Corona will stay with us longer than we could initially imagine. That much is now clear. This means that not only SILS, but also our customers make adjustments to their business operations. We now have the impression that the logistics activities are increasing again, luckily the bottom seems to have been reached. The activities in our warehouse are rising slightly, requests from prospects are getting underway and we also see customers preparing step-by-step for a new reality.

Cautiously positive

Logistical good news is that China is now accessible for sea freight and air freight. The Chinese factories are running again, and the lockdown is largely behind them. The container flow from China to our warehouse has now recovered. I am cautiously positive. Let us hope that the dreaded second wave does not materialise, and the economic recovery occurs. In my view, a second wave would be disastrous. First, of course, for the people affected by the virus, but also economically. Our contribution to preventing this second wave is that we at SILS continue to closely monitor and implement all measures and regulations of RIVM.

A moment of reflection

It is clear that many entrepreneurial plans are currently on hold at both SILS and our clients. Even if we soon get out of the lockdown, the economic consequences will continue for a long time. I suspect even well into 2021, so we will have to continue to take a very critical look at our operating costs for the time being. We will of course continue to think about our future growth strategy and planned investments, but we will continue to be a little more cautious and critical. This is unfortunate, but as footballer Johan Cruyff once said: “every disadvantage has its advantage”. Together we suddenly go back to basics after years of growth. A moment of reflection, forced by an external circumstance, but still. Because we want to get out of this crisis better, we are now going all the way back to the core and reflecting on things that we can approach differently or better. In that sense, Corona also fuels the improvement virus!

New insights: what is really the core?

The special thing is that the current exceptional situation applies to literally all countries SILS does business with. This joint challenge also makes it easier to accept all uncertainties. We don’t have to explain to each other what’s going on. This fact of “back to basics” may yield beautiful new insights. Like about what it’s really all about. And also: what is the core? For example, I have noticed that working from home and video conferencing also have a positive influence on my work output. SILS was already an advocate of working from home, if possibly of course, and we will continue to encourage this after the corona crisis.

Corona, a bittersweet experience

Corona can thus also generate positive impulses, although obviously they never outweigh the suffering caused by this disease. In short, a time with bittersweet elements. With opportunities for structural improvements if we dare to take them up. For example, at the Ecofactorij, the business park where SILS is located, we are working increasingly intensively with our enterprising neighbours. For example, by exchanging employees to prevent overcrowding. A development that was given an unexpected impulse by corona and which I hope will also take root.

I would like to wish you all good health and a speedy recovery of all economic activities.

Willem-Jan Cramer