Corona has the world in a grip …

Corona has the world in a grip. Health is paramount and at SILS we strictly follow government instructions. I quarantined at home after a travel companion of mine turned out to be infected. With the MT from SILS we have a call every morning and almost all our office workers work from home. Fortunately, SILS invested in digital working in a timely manner and we are now reaping the benefits. The employees in our warehouse work under strict instructions.

The outlook is uncertain, so we manage all our customers’ logistical interests day by day. The guidelines of the Dutch government are decisive in all our actions. Of course, SILS is also affected heavily by Corona. We work as a general logistics service provider for many customers in multiple industries. Due to this broad range of clients, the consequences for SILS are currently very divers. But every customer is facing the impact of this crisis. We do see, for example, that our retail customers are hit hard by store closings. One of the clients of SILS who supplies a lot to the event market and theatres is also affected by the ban on meetings.

Inbounds stable, delivery sometimes a challenge     

Meanwhile, container imports from China are getting slightly back on track, a positive fact in this difficult time. Incidentally, we can unload all containers that we receive and store these in our warehouse. Customers do not have to worry about the continuity of this side of our work. However, parcel and pallet carriers in every European country face an immense challenge in determining where they can or cannot deliver. Collection points close quickly and our carriers with their delivery arrive to find doors closed. That is why we send our domestic and foreign relations an update every day about the restrictions on outgoing transport per country. An up-to-date overview of where we can still deliver and where we cannot deliver, and which logistics matters need to be specifically arranged.

Helping fellow companies

Dutch government has announced a substantial aid package to guide companies through this difficult period. SILS does not wait for this. We are part of the Apeldoorn business park De EcoFactorij. In consultation, some of our logistics employees were temporarily deployed at a neighbouring company. In this way we help each other as good neighbours.

Let’s hold on to the positive lessons…                                                                        

It is reassuring that SILS is strong enough to scale up quickly for our customers once the Corona crisis is over, if necessary. Despite the drastic economic consequences, Corona also means some sort of reset. We must improvise together under high pressure and perhaps discover in ourselves and others new talents and capacities. Or new and more efficient ways of working together, such as making more use of digital tools to work together remotely. One day Corona will be over and I hope that we will then take the lessons we are learning now into an era where we are perpetuating these experiences in a positive way. In the core? The shift from the emphasis on the individual to the collective, both in business and private. Even if we only keep part of this, the profit is already great!

SILS wishes you good health above all!

Willem-Jan Cramer