Working as an Account team stresses importance of customer satisfaction

Customer focus and flexibility are our second nature. No vague intention or distant wish, but actually embedded in our organization. Therefore we measure these two parameters prominently in our regular customer satisfaction surveys. Recent feedback showed that our customer satisfaction is high, but we would also like to keep performing on this high level. We undertook this action in the past, but will soon also implement structural changes to our organization.

For example, have a look at our organizational chart. You will notice that our organization is split, in a way, into Operations and Customer Service. That means: operational handling of orders from our customers versus customer contact and (commercial) communications. One of the trends that we recently derived from our customer satisfaction survey is that customers want to be informed even more directly. This has led to a reassessment of the roles and responsibilities between the two departments. Essentially a formalization of adjustments that already have been implemented in our working practices.


At the moment the Operations department is concentrating especially on the handling of warehouse-related tasks and for example the management of sea and air freight shipments. Recent client feedback about it showed that our customers want to be informed more and more about the progress during these transports.


From now on the Operations Department will work more as an Account team. This team already maintains all daily one-on-one contact with the customer for operational matters. The most logical step is to formally let them manage the clients in communication and commercial sense. Thus, the various employees are formally operational responsible for a number of customers.

Customer Service

Of course, the Account team will primarily remain in function as a team. So that we can handle the interests of each customer as a team! Customer Service, in its turn, can therefore focus even more on its core tasks like performing customer support activities, monitoring of projects, supervising stock counts and the handling of claims and complaints.

In this way we expect to service our customers even more directly, flexible and customer-focused. A change we hope to see reflected in the feedback on our next customer satisfaction survey.

Willem-Jan Cramer